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Daily Offerings (subject to availability)

Sweet Treats
Poilane Punition Cookies
Salty Oat cookies (oatmeal raisin, chocolate, chocolate chunk pecan)
Ham and Cheese Croissant
Spinach and Feta Croissant
Plain Croissant
Chocolate Croissant
Raspberry and Cheese Croissant
Sweet Cheese Croissant
Almond Croissant
Apple Croissant
Palmiers (elephant ears)
Cinnamon Bread (Thursdays and Saturdays)
Irish Soda Bread (Fridays)

Clear Flour Bakery (Tuesday-Saturday)
Ancienne Baguettes
German Rye
Olive Rolls
100% Whole Grain
Pain de Mie
Rustic Italian
Seven Grain

Seven Stars Bakery
Durum Roll
Durum Round
Olive Stick
Olive Batard
Multigrain Round
Walnut Raisin

Iggy's Bread of the World
Bagels: everything, sesame, plain, poppy
Pain de Mie
French and Country Baguettes
Ciabatini Francese
Cranberry Nut Loaf
Multiseed Ficelle
Onion Ficelle
Plain Ficelle
Sesame Ficelle
Whole Wheat Levain
Mini Brioche
Mini Cranberry Nut
Mini Dark Rye
Mini French
Mini Multigrain
Brioche roll with black pepper
Brioche roll, plain
Cranberry nut roll
Ciabatta roll
French sandwich roll
French roll
Whole wheat roll
Sourdough roll
Sourdough Round
Whole Wheat Round
Sliced Dark Rye Sandwich Loaf
Sliced Country Sandwich Loaf
Sliced Wheat Sandwich Loaf

Pain D'Avignon
Brioche Pullman
Caraway Rye
Multigrain Loaf
Sliced Multigrain Sandwich Loaf
Sliced French Sandwich Loaf
French Baguette (Sundays)

Pain Poilane
Levain (sold by weight)
Currant Loaf (half, whole)
Walnut Loaf (half, whole)
Rye (half, whole)

Special Breads on Fridays

Dan's Brick Oven Bread
Desem and Rye
Sesame Desem
Mini Desem with Raisins

Firedog Breads
Seeded Baguette
Saffron Semolina
Rotating Nordic Rye